Wisdom from 1968

Wisdom from 1968

 Lesslie Newbigin wrote the following quotes in 1968. Actually, they were from sermons, but it was converted to a little, extremely limited print book (download it free here). The thoughts he puts down in these sermons had a seismic impact on my own faith and understanding of God, mostly giving me the right words to describe what I had been feeling for a while.

Here are two relevant quotes from it. There are so many amazing things in it though. 

“To the Christians I would say, for God’s sake, let us have no arrogance, no trace of the feeling that if you are a Christian this means that you are better than other people, or that you are in some sense God’s favourites; let us set ourselves to see that none of that kind of arrogance exists in us, that we remember that to be a Christian means simply that God has chosen us for a particular job, that God has chosen this particular group to be the witnesses to Jesus Christ in this place. Your non-Christian colleague may be a much better man than you are. He may be much more pleasing to God than you are. And, if so, you will humbly learn from him and thank God that he has put him beside you. And you will also remember that you, unworthy as you are, are a Christian, because God called you to be in that place, and to represent Jesus Christ in that place, to bear witness to Jesus Christ in that place.“

"The Christian, in other words, must be on his guard, alert all the time to safeguard the freedom of religion, not only his own religion, but even more, other people’s. The test of the sincerity of the Christian at this point will be in safeguarding the freedom of others (who are not Christians) to propagate their faith, to practise their faith, to seek convince others of the truth of their faith, and indeed not only of the adherents of other religions, but also of those who believe in no religion.”

Lesslie Newbigin - Christ Our Eternal Contemporary

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