Whom *you* crucified.

Whom *you* crucified.

“…God has made Him
both ruler and rescuer,
this Jesus whom you crucified”
- Acts 2:36

‘They’ rejected Jesus.
- His ideas.
- His way
- His life
- His love

'They’ didn’t want a peacemaker they wanted a tribal warrior who could lead them to victory.

'They’ didn’t want a prophet who could point them to a deeper way to be human, they wanted a comforting voice affirming how right + special they are, and reinforcing their crumbling certainty.

'They’ wanted to be told how loved they were, not how to love others.

'They’ wanted justice for all… in their tribe, but not justice for the trampled enemies they had built their life upon.

'They’ killed Jesus because he was an total disappointment to their expectation + a threat to their worldview… and they would have gotten away with it if God had not raised Jesus and named Him ruler + rescuer.

Whether 'they’ wanted him or not.

'They’ are an awful lot like me.

Photographer + Storyteller. Pastor + Advocate. Schemer + Party commencer.