Thin Places.

Movies and music are major ways our culture tells stories to each other.

They are the mediums we use to explore what it means to live, find love & meaning, and be a human. In many ways, this makes the theaters our temples - the places where the air is thin and we can feel the transcendent pulse of the universe beating in sync with our own racing hearts.

Stories of beauty + love + loss + sacrifice + heroes (super + ordinary) show us the world through a thousand lenses. 

Our hearts’ longings for healing + passion + love echo in our love songs. In this sense every ‘good’ love song is also a worship song.

Compared to these stories and songs, the Bible can feel old + dated + colorless + passionless - an obsolete book held over from a thousand lifetimes ago by an odd combination of naive nostalgia and cultural duct tape.

What’s ironic though, is that many who have held this ancient book to their ear have discovered the same racing heartbeat heard in the best movies and deepest songs. They have felt the faint pulse of a story that is full of life and love and beauty. A story that has gotten lost in the shuffle of modern life.

Where have you experienced thin places?

When was the last time God’s story made your heart race?

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