The Greatest Commandment

Once Jesus was asked, “What’s the greatest commandment?”

Jesus answer was that ‘Loving God and Loving your neighbor’ are the most important commandments.

the MOST important…

What does the mean about the rest?

What if loving God and loving our neighbor really are what it is all about?

If so, then our lives can be measured in two ways:

1. How loving we are becoming?

2. Who are we becoming loving to?

But the sticky part is how Jesus defines ‘neighbor.' Jesus’ ‘neighborhood’ was full of outsiders, foreigners, sinners, the nameless + broken + poor… That’s who He ‘loved as himself’. Jesus’ command to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ and ‘love your enemies’ have to be taken together.

In other words, obeying Jesus begins with LOVING God and our neighbors - many of whom are quite different than us and some of whom are our enemies.

These are the most important ways we must obey God. 

Wouldn’t it be tragic, if the way we obey the other commands got in the way of the greatest command, the command to LOVE.

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