Meticulous Measurements of Not Much.

“You can’t tell if a book is any good by the number of words it contains…”

We keep coming up with new things to measure… but it’s pretty rare that those measurements are actually a proxy for the impact or quality we care about.

…It takes a lot of guts… to create things that don’t measure well by conventional means.

-Seth Godin (Read full post HERE)

Seth is brilliant (as almost all of the internet already knows).

One of the first marks of decay in an organization is the obsession to measure things that don’t matter. 

Almost everything that matters is too complicated to measure with simple metrics. Simple metrics play well for newsletters and annual reports, but have very little to do with actual progress. 

Most things that matter, are not easily measured. Don’t start with what can be measured. Start what you really care about. 

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