That which we leave behind.

In the last few year, I have learned so much from grief.

When so many people and things you love are lost to you…

and you lose your identity markers…

and your passions are no longer celebrated and desired…

and your projects fail…

right in the midst of the crash, as your visions is lit bright by the fires of your fears come to life and burning you out…

…Right there, in those ashes you find out that you are so much more. 

Most of the loss can never be replaced of filled - so you grieve, but you also live. And life has this amazing way of not wasting anything.

So… We survive. we breathe. we wake up, somedays easier than others.

We meet new people. We find new passions. We find new Projects. We try new things.
People who we never knew we missed, but when you meet them, you know that they are supposed to be part of the fabric of your life. Passions that were there along, but didn’t have space to grow.

Life opens up in these spaces and new things grow right in the ache and tears. Nothing is replaced, it can’t be, but the new comes.

Photographer + Storyteller. Pastor + Advocate. Schemer + Party commencer.