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Jesus+Beer has been in the News a lot lately

I suspect the recent press popularity of Jesus + Beer is due to a pressing need for “look kittens are cute” stories to separate the depressing news coverage of the tragedy of this election cycle and all daily tragedies that keep springing up all over the world.

Nothing warms the heart quite like “Jesus + Beer” except of course cute kitten youtube videos. Regardless - here are the news stories I am aware of (the A.P. story exists in lots of versions because it was syndicated (Chicago Tribune for example):


4.27 - Journal Sentinal: Bible and a Brew

9.15 - A.P. Press - Religion on Tap

9.20 - CBS News - Beer and Jesus Takes Unique Approach to Religion

9.25 - - This Pastor is Using Beer to Bring People Back to Jesus

It’s always fascinating to see yourself through the eyes of someone else and to hear them quote you. While I enjoyed the interviews and talking with all of the interviewers - I thought that the focus of some of the stories ignored what I actually said and stuck with a predetermined narrative about Christians using beer to get people back to Jesus, or more specifically to get people back to church buildings (Ironic since my church doesn’t ever plan on getting a building and we don’t even talk about my Church at these events).  Even though I specifically denied this in the last three interviews, this sentiment served as the title of one article and was assumed by another. I was quite clear, at least from my perspective, that the conversation is the *point* - with no ulterior motives or strings attached.

For example, I am really uncomfortable with a sentence from the article:

“I think there’s an understanding that what Jesus & Beer is doing is about recruiting and evangelism. It’s OK that we’re doing it in a bar, because we’re doing it so we can get people into the church.”

What I thought I said, or at least what I was trying to say was that some Christians *ASSUME* that the point of being in a bar is evangelism aimed at getting people back into a church. My goal, which is laid out well in the rest of the article, is to provide a safe place to have honest conversations about Jesus, faith, and life for people of some faith or no faith. Again, the conversation is the *point* - no ulterior motives or strings attached.

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