Demons vs. Demons

Most people in 2015 do not seriously think about demons. We have “cast them out” into our nightmares, fiction, hollywood movies, or an occasional fiery sermon. 

Yet, we will often use the word to explain why our computer or the copy machine isn’t working (it’s possessed), or to describe why an otherwise healthy person continues to make bad decisions (she just couldn’t overcome her personal demons). Sometimes these little ‘demons’ are so intense and evil in the havoc they cause, that its hard to imagine a ‘real’ demon being more destructive. 

So what do we mean when we say we are struggling with personal demons?

I think its something like this: A sub-rational, emotional self-sabotaging tendency to abandon legitimate opportunities for life, ruin good relationships, desecrate beauty, run from intimacy, and self-medicate into numbness. 

The causes of our ‘possession’ are many and varied, but the affliction is real. We construct elaborate rituals to manage and numb the pain, but we don’t have to carry them forever. The good news is, when we courageously face into our self-sabotage through personal work, a massive surge of truth, growth, and maturity can happen.

So what about you? It's Monday - a great day for an exorcism! 

What are the demons you wrestle with that create doubt, fear, destruction, broken relationships, and general havoc and pain in your life?

Who are the people who would surround you with love and community and help you find the courage to face your demons, name them, and leave them behind?

Is it time for an emotional exorcism in your life?

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