Building a CAN-DO culture.
“Big companies have plenty of great ideas, but they do not innovate because they need a whole hierarchy of people to agree that a new idea is good in order to pursue it. If one smart person figures out something wrong with an idea — often to show off or to consolidate power — that’s usually enough to kill it…”

“Who does the Can’t-Do Culture hurt the most? Ironically, it hurts the haters. The people who focus on what’s wrong with an idea or a company will be the ones too fearful to try something that other people find stupid. They will be too jealous to learn from the great innovators. They will be too pigheaded to discover the brilliant young engineer who changes the world before she does. They will be too cynical to inspire anybody to do anything great. They will be the ones who history ridicules”

Great post on culture today by Ben Horowitz over at Re/code.

He shared two really clever insights that are worth significant considerations (and quoted above). 

1. Big companies kill innovation by systemically trying to find the weakness in everything vs. the potential. These companies are full of weakness seekers.

2. Ironically the weakness seekers hurt themselves more than anyone else, because they have to live daily in the weakness oriented world they have created.

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