“Binding and Loosing” | jkdoyle.com

“Binding and Loosing”  | jkdoyle.com

The ancient rabbinic  practice of ‘Binding and Loosing’

Great post by Jimmy Doyle.

In segments of Judaism “binding and loosing” was a phrase associated with making authoritative legal decisions regarding the Torah -

In the post he shows how the practice worked in the ancient world, how Jesus used it, and also how it was part of the early churches way of interpreting scripture. Its a great read.

We have not thought enough about the events of Acts 15. Acts 15 (and also Acts 17) demonstrates a faith that is taking flight from its particular cultural seed bed and launching out into a wider world. All too often we miss the seismic nature of what is happening in this passage and try to apply the Bible flatly, as if Acts 15 had never happened.

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