I believe you.

I believe you.

As a photographer I sometimes take proximity to beautiful humans for granted.

On location for a fashion magazine shoot last week, I was working with 2 female models. They were working - I was working, nothing to see here. The shoot involved a classic car parked on the street in MKE. While shooting, several cars drove by with men shouting stuff out the window at the models. This ranged from cat calls to “invitations.” Both models handled is well - basically ignoring the men - they are clearly used to this sort of treatment.

What troubled me the most was that it seemed like men intended this as a compliment, but it looked like harassment to me. An ugly form of culturally tolerated harassment that women are subjected to - whatever they are doing and whoever they are, men jump in their space without invitation or permission.

And while it might appear innocent enough on the streets - the sexual assault statistics reveal that there is nothing innocent about our societies disregard for woman’s boundaries, freedom, and safety.

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