A lament: 

A lament: 

It sucks that we are still so violent.

It sucks that we don't care until it happens to us. 

It sucks that 15-year-olds die from unnecessary gunshots. 

It sucks that birthday parties are interrupted by bullets fired by an angry white man.

It sucks that people don't have enough for their families. 

It sucks that people already suffering with medical conditions now suffer with public shaming and worse insurance.

It sucks that there are humans who already escaped war zones and are without a home and now we are fighting over whether we should help them.

It sucks our country killed somewhere between 300 + 3000 civilians in the middle-east this year.

It sucks that there are 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world and that they are in the hands of violent men. 

It sucks that all of this is only a small part of what sucks.

It sucks that our first response it to be defensive and blame everyone else.

It sucks - All of it.

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