Follow-up: On quoting from Leviticus:

Follow-up: On quoting from Leviticus:

It was an intentional choice to quote from Leviticus yesterday

(I also had another post from Matthew 25 just to establish that this wasn't an isolated passage, although there are so many I could have chosen.) - I am not actually hanging my Christian belief about care for refugees, foreigners, aliens and immigrants on that single passage. I shared this particular passage because I had never noticed its exact phrasing before (restating the great commandment) and this observation made an emotional impact on me.

- If the tables were turned and it was my family, what how would I want the world to respond?

- How would I want pastors to respond?

My perspective was moved by this and honestly is still moving. 

- Perhaps I should have shown more of my work - for example, this is the chapter Jesus quoted from regarding the greatest commandments, and the Leviticus passage I quoted is riffing further on "you must love your neighbor as yourself." This puts me on pretty solid ground as Jesus affirms this passage directly (And for those who will point out the difference between [neighbor] and [alien/foriegner] good observation. Neighbor is a more expansive word, so alien would definitely be included in Jesus invocation of neighbor). Obviously to be Christian is to take all of the Christ's words seriously. 
- Perhaps I should have led with the statement, "you can tell a lot about a person from the parts of Leviticus that they quote" as I did on twitter. For years many people have picked and chosen verses from Leviticus to weaponize for their particular cause. The irony to suddenly see these same people demanding that context matters, was not missed by my homosexual friends. I know that the context matters. I have formally studied Hermeneutics, Greek, Hebrew, theology, and Christian history. As I noted above - there are solid reasons I felt safe quoting this verse from Leviticus - namely because Jesus also chose this verse. 
- I am also very aware that this passage was written to a particular country at a particular time and not to me as an American living in 2017. Again - since I follow Jesus and Jesus basically quoted it as one of the greatest commandments, I think it is supremely important to being a faithful follower of Jesus. 
Anyway - for what it's worth, now you have some more details if you wanted them.

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