the musings of Brandon J. Brown
Brandon J. Brown

Brandon J. Brown

Photographer, people lover, metaphor addict, recovering Bible nerd, Enneagram 7 and a half.
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I am the emergent property of 37 billions cells - that makes me pretty amazing when you think about it (don’t worry - you’re amazing too).  You can typically find me around Milwaukee with Emily and our three beautiful and brilliant children. We all have an origin story: I was a youth pastor at a variety churches for a long time and now I take photos and explore what the next evolution of religion in America might look like.

Additionally, I am quite curious, a learner and thinker, a communicator, a party convener, a pop culture curator, an advocate for millennials, and a deep believer in underdogs. 

My Projects:

Things I love:

  • interesting people (basically everyone)

  • photography + design (team Nikon)

  • computers and technology (team apple)

  • coffee, beer + bourbon (ethiopian yirgacheffe, dragons milk + grimbergen + guldendraak, whistlepig)

  • movies (marvel, starwars, weird niche stuff)

  • epic tv series (West World, Agents of Shield, Altered Carbon, Handmaid’s tale)

  • fantasy novels (Terry Brooks, Elizabeth Moon,

  • nerdy books (ancient cultures, philosophy + theology, etc.)

  • music (especially on vinyl)

  • nature (hiking, mountains, giant-old-trees, oceans, rivers)

Personality Stuff:

  • Enneagram 7 (and a half - its a real thing) 8wing, social instinct

  • Aries (with an Aries wing)

  • Myers: ENTP (with lots of F)

  • Strength Finder: Strategic, Ideation, Woo, Communication, Connectedness


Instagram: brandon.j.brown - landscapes, travel, nature, urbanex, etc.

Instagram: roostmke - weddings, couples, portraits, fashion, etc.